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Escape the Vape: How videos can become an integral marketing campaign tactic

August 15, 2017

Videos are almost always a great tool to include in a marketing campaign. There are currently an estimated 500 million people watching videos on Facebook. Creating content that stands out or becomes viral is vital to making an impact in today’s marketing world. Using video, especially on social media, allows there to be an organic/unpaid viral campaign which at its essence is just free advertising for a product or service. This wouldn’t happen without a visual campaign, specifically video. Videos also allow room to use more humor while getting the point across than a standard infographic or still image.

We knew videos were a no-brainer for this campaign and chose to use short format videos that made the messages concise so that there would be lots of engagement on social media, the idea being that people would be more willing to share a short funny video, thus free advertising. I think that information is more impactful from people you know, so by creating content that encourages people to share with friends and family it makes what you are sharing more impactful. These videos are also “evergreen” meaning they will be impactful beyond the initial campaign.

When working on such a creative campaign, deciding design direction can be challenging. However, this campaign is a prime example of what can happen when a client is open to creative ideas. We were able to work in a collaborative environment (both internally and with the client) and if moments of disagreement arose, egos were left at the door and everyone was able to provide input and express their voice which meant the best solution always came first. It didn’t matter who came up with the final idea or what the starting point was – if it was the best way to go, that’s what we did. The goal was to create the best possible product, and we were able to do exactly that. And we had a damn good time doing it! There was hilarity ensuing on a daily basis in the Creative Studio while creating scripts and doing voice overs for this project.

The first steps in the process was to compose a script and have a designer translate that into a storyboard to help with visualization and identify specific scenes.

Arsenice video storyboard
Arsenice video storyboard

Here is one of our animatics, which is like a moving storyboard. This tool helps perfect comedic timing and the editing process.

This is then handed off to the animator who adds movement and personality to the scenes. Compare the animatic with completed piece.


This project was unique from conception to completion, and I’m proud of what we were able to accomplish. This project also opened the door for what we, as an agency, are able to complete. Completing animations and videos in-house is a huge benefit to our clients because our team is able to see the project from start to finish. When creating things for comic effect, I find that it is crucial that there is consistency in the creative process so that subtly isn’t lost.

I can’t wait to do more projects like this!


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Daniel Kessler
Written by:
Daniel Kessler

Senior Project Coordinator

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