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Hermes Award Winner 2017

PRR Goes Platinum

May 9, 2017

No, we have not had a viral song go platinum…yet. We also did not go on an agency-wide hair dying binge. But we did win Platinum and Gold Silverware from Hermes Creative Awards! The Hermes Creative Awards is an international competition for creative professionals involved in the concept, writing and design of traditional materials and programs, and emerging technologies.  Entries come from corporate marketing and communication departments, advertising agencies, PR firms, graphic design shops, production companies, web and digital creators and freelancers. The awards receive roughly 6,000 entries total. In the past, about 15% of entries won Platinum (the top award), around 20% won Gold, and about 10% won Honorable Mentions.

How to Ride: DC Streetcar

Platinum Award Winner

To help reintroduced streetcars to DC as a modern and safe mode of transportation after a 50-year absence, PRR used a fun and interesting video approach to familiarize the public with the new transportation mode and provide information about how to ride the streetcar safely. Drawing on movie training montages, the video mixes in scenes with the do’s and don’ts of riding with a brief love story.


Guide to H/Benning: DC Streetcar

Gold Award Winner

When relaunched as transit service website (previously operating as an informational website about the streetcar’s construction and testing phases), the goal was to include a guide to the businesses on the inaugural H Street/Benning Road line.  PRR organized and created an easily-navigated page that lets users search by streetcar stop and type of business to find dining, shopping and entertainment. With nearly 200 business to list, PRR created a flexible, clean design that featured visuals to represent the H and Benning community.

Click to view the guide

ASCE Grand Challenge Quick Start Guide (Convention): American Society of Civil Engineers

Gold Award Winner

In 2016, PRR helped the American Society for Civil Engineers officially launch its Grand Challenge initiative to create big changes in the civil engineering industry. The Grand Challenge encourages new approaches to infrastructure projects through innovative thinking, incorporating life cycle cost assessments, planning resilient structures and promoting performance-based standards. Part of the kick-off included a workshop at the 2016 Annual Convention, supported by an event-wide distribution of a “Quick Start” guide. The guide introduced the 3 steps to joining the Grand Challenge and encouraged participation in the ASCE Innovation Contest.

Click to visit the site

Join the Party: DC Streetcar

Honorable Mention

DC Streetcar’s “Join the Party” ad campaign profiled 7 people representing businesses on the H Street and Benning Road corridors. Designed to highlight local businesses and show the range of activities and services in the neighborhood, the campaign urged people from the District, Maryland and Virginia to visit H/Benning with DC Streetcar as their ride.

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