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PRR Writeup in US Builders Review

May 20, 2016

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“If you just come in and say we’re going to widen this road near your home, there will be outrage. You have to engage residents and seek their input. You need to address their needs, hopes and aspirations while also helping them understand the project needs; and sometimes change the design based on that input — you can’t just put down a solution to a problem people may not even know they have.”

That’s a quote from PRR Co-President Colleen Gants in US Builders Review. The construction trade journal recently published an article on PRR and our practice of using communication to create healthy dialogue between builders, stakeholders, and the community.

Read the article here!

Diana Steeble
Written by:
Diana Steeble

Managing Principal | National Healthcare Lead

My first love in communications was food and nutrition work. Through my work at PRR, I broadened that focus to […]