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Focus Group Facility

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A Place to Observe & Learn About Your Market

Sometimes, research calls for a space to discuss ideas and questions with real people. PRR has just the setting! Over the years, folks from around the Seattle area have come to know our moderators by name, and more and more clients realize the value of an in-house focus group facility that provides a welcoming atmosphere and personable service.

Located in Downtown Seattle

Easily accessible for participants from all walks of life. Comfortable viewing area for you.


We help you understand the important thoughts of non-English speaking stakeholders to create a greater reach.

Online Focus Groups

Technology and partnerships to host and moderate online focus groups. We can also record in-person focus groups for reference.

The perfect fit

Seats up to 12 participants and 12 observers. Maximizing the discussion and the observation experience.

Ready to start a project? Let's chat!

We work with various organizations across a wide range of industries including transportation, healthcare, and the environment...just to name a few. We’d love to learn more about your project.