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Fuel Economy Label Design and Market Research

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Creating a label to educate national consumers

When the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) revised how it tests fuel economy for new cars, PRR was hired to help them understand how the fuel economy labels are used and understood by consumers during the buying process. Five years later, the EPA realized that new hybrid and electronic vehicles would require new labels to help consumers understand their options, and PRR was called on to redesign the EPA-mandated label that appears on all new vehicles sold in the United States.

Design Options

Developed more than 30 label versions and made over 600 modifications to these designs using consumer feedback.

Evaluating Opinions

Tested design concepts in 32 focus groups in four major markets and through online surveys with more than 3,000 new vehicle buyers.

Community Feedback

Three designs were released to the public for comment, and received more than 7,000 comments.

Spreading the Word

Elevated the new label with tools including a radio PSA, print ad, infographics, and a web page.


The Fuel Economy Label you see on car lots around the country was the result of PRR’s on-going collaboration with the EPA. Our in-depth design process included an extensive literature review, label designs for both conventional and advanced technology vehicles, focus groups in four major markets, feedback from an expert review panel, and national online surveys of new vehicle buyers.

Fuel Economy Label Design and Market Research

What's the Story with the New Label?

With increased gas prices, fuel economy has become an even more important feature in choosing a new vehicle. PRR assisted the Office of Transportation and Air Quality to revise the fuel economy label required on all new motor vehicles sold in the U.S. This regulatory effort required PRR to quickly synthesize technical information and to understand the associated policy implications of that information.

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