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I-405/SR 167 Corridor Projects

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Supporting the Implementation of a Master Plan Vision

Interstate 405 carries nearly a million people each day to and from the region’s fastest growing employment center and is the most congested freeway in Washington state. Co-located with the client, PRR works side-by-side with WSDOT to deliver $1.7 billion worth of highway improvements along a 30-mile freight and commuter corridor that encompasses Interstate 405 and State Route 167.

Construction Communications

Planned and conducted outreach to neighboring communities and the media during construction along the corridor.

Regulatory Process Public Involvement

Coordinated and advertised NEPA/SEPA Environmental Assessment (EA) public outreach, meetings, and comment reception.

Committee Management

Managed citizen, steering, and executive advisory committees to determine elements of the Master Plan.

Environmental Justice Outreach

Reached out to historically under-served communities (low-income, minority, and LEP populations) before and during construction projects.


PRR worked with WSDOT to build consensus on a landmark regional master plan with strong public and political support, leading to $1.5 billion in new funds adopted through several legislative actions. The I-405/SR 167 Corridor Master Plan includes new highway lanes, improved interchanges, express toll lanes, expanded transit service including bus rapid transit (BRT), and expanded vanpool programs. PRR manages the communications, public outreach and government affairs from master planning through construction, helping deliver eleven highway improvement projects via the design-build approach.

I-405/SR 167 Corridor Projects

What's the Story with Express Toll Lanes?

PRR staff regularly provides information and materials to WSDOT leaders and local and national politicians to make funding and policy decisions for transportation in the Puget Sound Region.The Eastside Corridor, which stretches down I-405 and SR 167 to SR 512, is the only north-south highway alternative to I-5 in the Puget Sound region. WSDOT has looked at a range of options for transportation improvement to address the projected increase in population and employment along this corridor.

The SR 167 Express Toll Lanes Pilot Project, the SR 167 extension in Pierce County, and the I-405 express toll lanes will connect the entire corridor with a system better equipped to manage traffic demands in the future. Express toll lanes give drivers the choice to use the carpool lanes by paying a toll. Similar to the SR 167 HOT lanes, express toll lanes operate as an expressway within a highway while allowing toll-free trips for transit and vanpools.

“PRR has been an outstanding firm and I have worked with the PRR team in a co-located project team office for almost 12 years. I am happy to give them the highest level recommendation.”

Kim Henry, I-405/SR 167 Project Director

Team Members

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