Meet Jen Rash, West Coast Transportation Sector Lead at PRR

February 17, 2022
My passion is bringing that mobility to all, focusing on work that centers on Mobility Justice.

Meet Jen Rash, Director of Transportation West at PRR. Jen is responsible for identifying prospects, cultivating relationships, and winning proposals to build on PRR’s 40 years of transportation work on the west coast.

In one or two sentences, how would you describe your role at PRR?
I’ve been with PRR since day one of my career, so that’s just over 15 years of immersion in the transportation industry. I oversee business development for transportation work on the west coast—namely Washington, Oregon, and California, which means I know how to marry our staff expertise with what’s important and emerging in the industry. I also provide strategic communications, engagement, and social marketing counsel to our clients.

What is your passion project?

I have a lot of transportation passions that connect to bigger societal issues--namely electrification and how that will shape the future of transportation funding. But when I think about my life, my mobility—which is my ability to get where I need and want to go—was essential to my growth and autonomy. My passion is bringing that mobility to all, focusing on work that centers on Mobility Justice. Mobility Justice recognizes that the transportation industry has historically been a mechanism for white supremacy culture, and that everyone should have equal access to resources and infrastructure to move safely and dependably, regardless of race, ethnicity, physical ability, income, and other social determinants of health.  

Your outlook on your sector in 2022?
The future is now. Meaning we’ve reached that once far away horizon on a lot of issues like transportation funding and climate change. This is a pivotal year for policy decisions and investments to make sure that future generations have a strong, resilient, and sustainable transportation system.

When you’re not working, what are you doing?
I’m clanging weights at my gym Industrious, chasing my 2-year-old Riley around singing Encanto songs, watching stand-up specials with my husband Spencer, or devouring a book—historical fiction/memoirs, please.

Contact: Jennifer (Jen) Rash,,  206-227-9494

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