New Senior Director of Creative & Marketing

July 29, 2021
Greg is a champion of creative ideas.

We are excited to announce that Greg Eppich will serve as the new senior director of creative and marketing for the company!

Eppich has more than 20 years of creative and marketing communications experience helping clients and organizations reinvigorate, transform, and grow their marketing and creative work. His keen instincts and insights have inspired big, award-winning ideas that connected with consumers across multiple channels, from public relations and social/digital media to influencer marketing and events. His work – in both private and public sectors – also includes consumer lifestyle marketing, brand strategy, content development, DEI, and community engagement.

“Greg is a champion of creative ideas,” said Diana Steeble, managing principal at PRR. “I’ve had the pleasure of working with Greg since 1999, and I can attest to how Greg has led hundreds of award-winning creative, insight-driven PR and marketing activations. And as an inspirational leader and a true champion of staff, he has demonstrated the ability to build inclusive and high-performing team cultures where careers are nurtured, and employees thrive in an environment of curiosity, collaboration, and communication.”

As part of PRR’s senior leadership team, Eppich will lead a team of social marketing, creative, digital marketing, and behavior change specialists across a portfolio of public and private sector clients including King County, Sound Transit, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Washington State Department of Health, Washington State Department of Transportation, and the Virginia Department of Rail and Transportation. His leadership comes at a time when PRR is preparing to celebrate 40 years of providing clients and communities with meaningful communications solutions that drive diversity, equity, and inclusion by meeting people where they are. Eppich will continue to position PRR for creative and marketing opportunities across the company’s three main sectors of transportation, environment, and healthcare.

Prior to joining PRR, Eppich was a senior vice president at MSL, a global marketing communications firm, where he led a team of integrated marketing and public relations specialists for several leading consumer brands in a variety of categories, including food and beverage, premium spirits, coffee, confections, luxury goods and services, hospitality, and pet care.

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