Chris Hernandez

Chris Hernandez

Creative Director, Multimedia

Creative Studio
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I make moving pictures, with a focus on finding the perfect balance of style, tone, story, messaging, and goals. From ideation to delivery, I get to collaborate across practices to create the multimedia representation of a project, and I love every second of it. Before PRR, I worked on various TV shows in Los Angeles and in the marketing space all over the west coast. There is no red carpet at PRR, but getting to work on community-based work is much cooler. Outside of client work, I've taught video editing as part of an after-school arts program for elementary students in South Seattle and offered pro-bono work with small businesses in my neighborhood. In my free I watch a lot of TV, I even have a tattoo of a television set on my arm...

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Vision statement of anti-racism.

An anti-racist PRR dismantles systems of advantage based on race when and wherever possible. We engage staff of all racial identities in dismantling white supremacy culture at work. This  includes personal ideologies, beliefs, and behaviors. And, it includes removing white supremacy culture from the systems, cultural messages, institutional policies, procedures, and practices that PRR and our staff interact with and inform. We believe it is not enough to be “not racist.” We must be “anti-racist.”