Lauren Penning

Lauren Penning

Senior Communications Associate

Community Engagement
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My strategic communications role at PRR leverages my expertise in the aviation and transportation industries. Working at PRR means realizing my passion for informing and engaging people, helping share their stories and experiences with our clients. Best of all, I get to do this work alongside a world-class team of professionals to help support projects that positively affect our communities. Outside of consulting, I am proud to coach middle school students in speech – helping them find their own voice. I am also passionate about coaching cross country, running, and playing games with my family.

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Vision statement of anti-racism.

An anti-racist PRR dismantles systems of advantage based on race when and wherever possible. We engage staff of all racial identities in dismantling white supremacy culture at work. This  includes personal ideologies, beliefs, and behaviors. And, it includes removing white supremacy culture from the systems, cultural messages, institutional policies, procedures, and practices that PRR and our staff interact with and inform. We believe it is not enough to be “not racist.” We must be “anti-racist.”