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Welcome to Human-Powered Places

Over three decades, PRR has refined a process to create what we call Human-Powered Places: the places truly shaped by the people and communities who use them. We help find a common vision for waterfronts. Reimagine urban neighborhoods. Overhaul major transportation corridors. Revitalize aging public housing communities. Inspire livable, transit-oriented development.

Stakeholder engagement

Boots on the ground, engaging community leaders to create effective strategies.

Meaningful branding

A strong and consistent brand = a strong and resilient reputation. We can make the power of a brand work for you.

Compelling messaging

Clear, consistent, compelling. That's how messaging pierces through the clutter to inform media and their audiences.

In-the-Moment market research

Award-winning "In-the-Moment" market research yields deeper insights.

Kinzer Partners Brand Refresh

Kinzer Partners is a team of local commercial real estate brokers responsible for securing the headquarters of Starbucks, the Bill […]

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Tacoma Housing Authority Hillside Terrace

Tacoma Housing Authority (THA) was planning the redevelopment of Hillside Terrace, an aging public housing development. Residents are very low-income, and […]

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